Skin Resurfacing(iPixel)

A Fractional laser Skin Resurfacing (iPixel) is a powerful anti-aging procedure because it stimulates cell production at a deep level giving you a more youthful and toned appearance.

There are many benefits to laser skin resurfacing including:

  • Reduction of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Softening of deep frown lines
  • Improved skin texture and tone
  • Formation of new collagen and plumper skin
  • Minimization of acne scarring
  • Reduce or eliminate sun damage spots, age spots, brown spots
  • Minimize large pores

The face, neck, chest and hands can all be treated.

Depending on factors such as the type of treatment, your skin type, and the condition being treated, the results from a laser resurfacing procedure may last for several years.

How Fractional Skin Resurfacing (iPixel) Works

Fractional skin resurfacing with iPixel 2940 is designed to target aging and damaged skin by creating thousands of microscopic perforations on the skin. This micro-injury sites start the process of healing and trigger the body’s own natural production of new collagen and remodeling old one. As collagen remodels, skin tightens and scars improve, significantly enhancing your complexion.

Svetlana Skin Secrets skin resurfacingSvetlana Skin Secrets, fractional skin resurfacing

Generally, treatment involves 2-4 sessions at 4 week intervals. Right after treatment you may feel sunburn sensation, redness and swelling for two or four days. As new skin replaces dead tissue, your skin will flake, a sign that healing in underway.

Skin will look better immediately and will steadily improve over the next few months. This means your skin will become tighter, smoother and more toned for the weeks and months after your procedure.